28May, 2008

A new office: How should you organize your case files?

When I review attorneys’ document filing systems, I often find that the case documents are not sorted by type, and are not placed in chronological order. Often critical documents are not indexed and tabbed in a manner that allows the documents to be found quickly. You must implement good file organization from the beginning so […]

23May, 2008

Doing More With Google

As I stated in my last post about Google, I use various Google products all the time. The following are additional favorites.iGoogle with tabs (Free). I start with iGoogle because it gives me an integrated, customized location to control the internet content important to me. My home page shows my business Gmail account, my Google […]

20May, 2008

The Economics of Seeking a Balanced Life

I recently attended the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which focused on Living a Life in the Law. A panel discussion by attorneys Jamie Spannhake, Mark Komer, of Santa Fe, Ed Flitton, and Diane Costigan, spoke about how the firms for which they worked and as individuals […]