19November, 2008

Guest Post: Massachusetts Data Breach Law Affects Solos and Small Firms

My co-chair of the BBA solo and small firm section, Lori Yarvis, Esq., recently sent the following newsletter to her clients concerning the impact of the Massachusetts data breach Law on the small businesses. I thought that the topic was of sufficient concern to solo and small firm attorneys, that I requested her permission to […]

14November, 2008

Managing Outlook e-mail with SimplyFile – 10% off through November 30

Like many attorneys I struggle with keeping my email inbox clear, file my email where I can find it, and easily file attached documents in the correct client file. After reading a series of reviews about TechHit’s SimplyFile about a year ago, I was given the opportunity to use the product.As a Law Practice Management […]

14November, 2008

Market by Watching for Client Service Opportunities

While I often advise attorneys on time management issues including issues such as controlling the time spent on the internet, social networking, etc., the wide world of the internet is also a valuable source of information that you can use as a marketing tool. For example, I followed Robert Ambrogi’s tweet (twitter.com) about a […]

5November, 2008

Vista Forums – Do I Really Want to Use Regedit?

I have not been one to complain about Windows Vista and, until recently, I have generally been happy with my experience. Suddenly, my mouse quit working within Word 2007 although it worked perfectly in all other programs. Now this may not be a big issue for people who use hot-key shortcuts, but […]

5November, 2008

The Classic Retainer – better cash flow, better client relations.

I often talk with attorneys about moving their billing from an hourly based system to a flat fee system or what I call a classic retainer system (i.e., a set monthly payment from a client to assure access to the attorney which is earned upon receipt). This is differentiated from a retainer that is […]