27February, 2009

Finding a Mentor: Tool for Success

I believe that finding mentors is critical for an inexperienced lawyer’s long term success as an attorney and businessperson whether they are starting a solo practice or working for a firm. A lawyer may need multiple mentors because of the many demands of creating a successful practice today. Not only must a lawyer learn how […]

18February, 2009

The Revolution Will Not be Televised; It Will be Tweeted

I’m not gonna lie to you, because that’s not the kind of guy I am: I just don’t like Twitter. As a regular user of Facebook, I see Twitter as nothing more than a co-opted feature of Facebook: Twitter is a scroll of your status updates, and the status updates of your friends. […]

9February, 2009

LOMAP to Blog Live from the ABA TECHSHOW Road Show February 11

I will be Live Blogging from the February 11 ABA TECHSHOW Road Show, which takes place at the MBA’s Boston office this Wednesday from 9:30 to 3:45.The Road Show will feature nationally prominent law practice management advisors, including our very own Rodney Dowell. I’ll be engaged in an interactive marathon Live Blog for the […]

8February, 2009

Big Apple Core: LegalTech New York 2009

The most complicated thing about techshows, or tech shows, is the determination of the appropriate way to describe them. Is “techshow” one word, or is “tech show” two words? However you call it, LegalTech New York 2009 (which resolves the issue by leaving the term out entirely) is the premier technology fair […]