25June, 2009

Two Market: More Marketing Plan Tips, from the Group

At my last post referencing topics covered during LOMAP’s inaugural Marketing Group, we reviewed some tips and tricks for the drafting of your marketing plan. This week, the LOMAP Marketing Group met to discuss marketing plan drafts that each member had derived. This being the anchor session of the first group of classes, we were […]

25June, 2009

OMG! This is Gr8!!: Predictive Texting

Even here in 2009, not everyone has a PDA. And, until PDAs are shrunk to nanochippy size, and embedded in our skulls, not everyone with a PDA will have access to their PDAs all of the time. Some folks, even, have, and prefer to have, in some cases, those old-fashioned cell phones with […]

24June, 2009

Marshalling a Plan: Creating Your Marketing Plan for Action and Follow-Through

In this, our third of six installments covering the series of topics generated for, and expanded upon during, LOMAP’s very first Marketing Group sessions, we’ll review some tips and considerations for the drafting of a marketing plan.

And, as the title of this post might suggest, this is not just about drafting a marketing plan, and […]

11June, 2009

LOMAP Offers Free Online CLE Covering Compliance with Massachusetts Data Privacy Act

LOMAP, the Massachusetts Bar Association and Catuogno Court Reporting have made available a free set of videos covering compliance with the Massachusetts Data Privacy Act, which will take effect on March 1, 2010.The videos, available here, feature LOMAP Director Rodney Dowell’s review of the regulations and HyTech Management President and CTO Mark Kupsc on compliance […]

8June, 2009

Brand Oh!: Making a Stellar Name for Yourself, or Your Firm

For the second of our envisioned six installments in our marketing series, that will track the topics and developments of LOMAP’s inaugural marketing group, we present, for your enjoyment, a discussion of law firm branding.Branding is as important for law firms (small firms and solo attorneys included) as it is for any other business. […]