23July, 2009

Guest Post: Technically Speaking, A Great Read for Any Attorney: the 2009 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide

This summer, at LOMAP, we have been fortunate in that we have had the continuing assistance of two excellent interns, one of whom is the author of this blog post. Michael Pirrello will be entering his third year at Suffolk University Law School in the late summer. He has been indispensable to nearly […]

21July, 2009

It is Time to Listen: Podcasts That Help Your Practice

Attorneys often complain to me that they simply do not have time to read about new technology and keep up with the latest law practice management tips. I understand these time demands. However, there is little basis for that excuse anymore because there is a wealth of very informative free educational audio podcasts which you […]

16July, 2009

Reduced Rate and Freight: Discounts for Attorneys on the Web

It used to be that frugality was a personality trait, sometimes much maligned, and looked down upon, better described as an unfortunate quirk. Listing as a worthwhile maxim was a shade above the derogatory, and tended toward characterization as a good. But, that’s all history now. In the depths of our current […]