25September, 2009

Signaling Mission Control: Practice Management Software for Your Firm; LOMAP Introduces Technology Center

For a recent presentation at the Massachusetts Bar Association covering the startup of an Immigration Law practice (which was, incidentally, really well done, covering, as it did, general, as well as immigration law-specific, topics of interest, this all being a credit to the speakers and to the program chairs, Roy Watson and LOMAP’s own Rodney […]

16September, 2009

The Thing is More Than Half Done Already: Economic Downturn Also Offers Unique Opportunities for Law Graduates

So, you went to law school. Now you’ve graduated, and you haven’t yet found a job. Or, you’re starting school again, entering your 3L year. Now you’re worried that you might not find a job. Well, as you know, you’re in it now. And the question is not whether to […]

10September, 2009

Facing Financial Reality: Tools to Create a Personal Budget

Clearly one of the most stressful issues that attorneys face day-to-day is financial uncertainty. A large percentage of attorneys operate in solo and small firms which, like many American families, operate from paycheck to paycheck. The only difference is that the paychecks come from clients who are often slow in paying. Therefore, cash flow is […]

10September, 2009

The KGB is After Us: Think in the Black, Not in the Red

I enjoy Jay Shepherd’s blog postings at both Gruntled Employees and at The Client Revolution. I think that his posts are pithy, witty and urbane. It’s his method, though, that I find to be the most interesting aspect of his production. I often wonder: What does Jay do to find his object […]

3September, 2009

Risk Reward: Effective Date for Massachusetts Data Privacy Law Moved Out (Again); Regulations Revised

Perhaps not surprisingly (conventional wisdom having been very sage, if hopeful, in this particular case), the effective date for the Massachusetts data privacy law has once again been pushed out (the fourth such extension is this; representing a total push of 15 months out of time): from January 1, 2010 to March 1, 2010. […]