23December, 2009

The Posts of Christmas Past: The LOMAP Blog’s Calendar Year in Review

Everybody needs a break, sometimes. Perhaps that explains the popularity of those old Kit Kat commercials. (Damn, I could really go for a Kit Kat right now, after watching that! . . . Oh my God! (Subliminal) messaging does work! Break me off a piece.) After roughly forty-five 2009 blog […]

21December, 2009

Planning Your Pre-Holiday Work Scheduling: Making a List, Checking It Twice . . . or Thereabouts

Christmas is a time for giving. Gifts, not yourselves coronaries. Of course, the workweek hardly has time for a break; consequently, neither do you. The demands for your time certainly do not subside just because you have to take a day off to go Christmas shopping, or because you need to take […]

11December, 2009

LOMAP Co-Sponsors Massachusetts Data Privacy Conference

If you’re partial to blog renderings of 2,500 words or more, you’ve likely read through our prior posts on Massachusetts data privacy, which posts can be found here, here, here and here, if you haven’t. If you’re partial to listening to Rodney’s smooth Western accent, and my severely diminished New England seacoast accent, you may […]

4December, 2009

Past is Prologued: LOMAP Marketing Group Both Ends and Begins, Same Time

A long, long time ago, I promised a sixth, and final, installment of a series of posts covering the progress of our inaugural LOMAP marketing group. I bet you thought that I forgot. But I didn’t. I’m like Santa Claus in that way. Previously, I had posted five installments, covering the […]