27August, 2009

Guest Post: Kick-Start Your Practice: Join a Lawyer Referral Service

This post represents the second, and final, guest appearance by LOMAP summer intern, Michael Pirrello. Mike is done carrying this program, and has returned to school as of this past Monday. Mike begins his third year at Suffolk University Law School, and is ready (and well-prepared, incidentally) to move onto bigger and better […]

20August, 2009

RECAPture the Public Domain: Access PACER Documents for Free

Accessing appellate, district and bankruptcy court records via the Federal Judiciary’s PACER system is clunky, to the point that it gets difficult to determine whether this PACER or this Pacer is the more inefficient use. Plus, PACER charges for documents: 8 cents per page accessed; there’s even an 8 cent charge for a search […]

12August, 2009

Get Buy-In Before You Buy In: Build Consensus for Internal Change

Whether attempting to break in new software, instituting a new protocol or changing an existing office arrangement, you’re almost guaranteed to find that not everyone is immediately on the same page.A familiar chorus may repeat itself, in internal discussions:“Well, Phyllis has done it this way forever, and she’s been our office manager for forever, and […]

7August, 2009

Gauging Your Efforts for Effect: Return to the Nature of Your Investments, in Reviewing Your Marketing Plan(ning)

The last session of the LOMAP Marketing Group was held just under a month ago, giving rise to the occasion of the writing of this, the second to last post in the LOMAP Marketing Group Marketing series, from the Department of Redundancy Department. I say that this is the second to last post, because we […]

6August, 2009

Web Address, In a Larger Sense

Are you tired of paying beaucoup bucks to have someone else create and maintain your website for you? Perhaps you have tried to design and maintain your own website, but have instead only learned to hate html, or a clunky production and maintenance program, with the fire of a thousand suns? Or, maybe […]

23July, 2009

Guest Post: Technically Speaking, A Great Read for Any Attorney: the 2009 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide

This summer, at LOMAP, we have been fortunate in that we have had the continuing assistance of two excellent interns, one of whom is the author of this blog post. Michael Pirrello will be entering his third year at Suffolk University Law School in the late summer. He has been indispensable to nearly […]

21July, 2009

It is Time to Listen: Podcasts That Help Your Practice

Attorneys often complain to me that they simply do not have time to read about new technology and keep up with the latest law practice management tips. I understand these time demands. However, there is little basis for that excuse anymore because there is a wealth of very informative free educational audio podcasts which you […]

16July, 2009

Reduced Rate and Freight: Discounts for Attorneys on the Web

It used to be that frugality was a personality trait, sometimes much maligned, and looked down upon, better described as an unfortunate quirk. Listing as a worthwhile maxim was a shade above the derogatory, and tended toward characterization as a good. But, that’s all history now. In the depths of our current […]

25June, 2009

Two Market: More Marketing Plan Tips, from the Group

At my last post referencing topics covered during LOMAP’s inaugural Marketing Group, we reviewed some tips and tricks for the drafting of your marketing plan. This week, the LOMAP Marketing Group met to discuss marketing plan drafts that each member had derived. This being the anchor session of the first group of classes, we were […]

25June, 2009

OMG! This is Gr8!!: Predictive Texting

Even here in 2009, not everyone has a PDA. And, until PDAs are shrunk to nanochippy size, and embedded in our skulls, not everyone with a PDA will have access to their PDAs all of the time. Some folks, even, have, and prefer to have, in some cases, those old-fashioned cell phones with […]