24June, 2009

Marshalling a Plan: Creating Your Marketing Plan for Action and Follow-Through

In this, our third of six installments covering the series of topics generated for, and expanded upon during, LOMAP’s very first Marketing Group sessions, we’ll review some tips and considerations for the drafting of a marketing plan.

And, as the title of this post might suggest, this is not just about drafting a marketing plan, and […]

11June, 2009

LOMAP Offers Free Online CLE Covering Compliance with Massachusetts Data Privacy Act

LOMAP, the Massachusetts Bar Association and Catuogno Court Reporting have made available a free set of videos covering compliance with the Massachusetts Data Privacy Act, which will take effect on March 1, 2010.The videos, available here, feature LOMAP Director Rodney Dowell’s review of the regulations and HyTech Management President and CTO Mark Kupsc on compliance […]

8June, 2009

Brand Oh!: Making a Stellar Name for Yourself, or Your Firm

For the second of our envisioned six installments in our marketing series, that will track the topics and developments of LOMAP’s inaugural marketing group, we present, for your enjoyment, a discussion of law firm branding.Branding is as important for law firms (small firms and solo attorneys included) as it is for any other business. […]

29May, 2009

iGoogle, You Google, We All Scream for Google: Open Your Google Toolbox

Seriously. Everybody uses Google, to the point that the verb “Google” has entered the lexicon as modern slang for performing an online search. But, there are far more Google Tools available than just the search website.If you only use Google for search, you’ll be stunned, amazed and impressed (too over-the-top a description?–well, you […]

21May, 2009

Rosier Outlook: Microsoft Outlook Email Tricks and Treats

If you’re using Microsoft Office Outlook for your email, it’s a virtual certainty that you’re not using all of the robust features offered through the product. Of course, it’s also a virtual certainty that you will never have enough time to learn of all of those robust features anyway, even if you took two […]

21May, 2009

Love in an Elevator: Convey Your Zeal, Competence and Confidence in Sixty Seconds or Less

Marketing is a difficult thing for attorneys. As we have implicitly covered in the annals of this blog, over its brief history of time, lawyers are taught only the theories of law in the halls, and mostly classrooms, of their law schools. Practice management is an art that lawyers develop their callused hands at after […]

8May, 2009

Rapping Paper: Whithering Paper Files Under the New Massachusetts Data Protection Scheme

There has been some, but perhaps not enough, recent consternation and handwringing over the Massachusetts Data Protection Act, passed in 2007, and set to become effectual, after a few false starts, on January 1, 2010. Happy New Year.The Act spawning, among other things, the Massachusetts General Law Chapter 93H, 201 Code of Massachusetts Regulations […]

24April, 2009

Portable Scanners a Movable Feast for Office Efficiency; Fujitsu Releases ScanSnap S1500

Attorneys who make the move to a paperless office find that they are generally more efficient, are surrounded by less clutter and can more easily locate documents when those documents are needed. There are many more benefits to going paperless, which are beyond the scope of this current posting. Suffice it to […]

17April, 2009

Considerations for Attorneys Entering the Job Market in a Down Economy; Drop It Like It’s Hot

This afternoon, I am presenting for the Boston University School of Law Graduate Tax Program on the topic of “Considerations for Attorneys Entering the Job Market in a Down Economy”–my apologies, short titles are not my strong suit. Despite the obvious problem that I know next to nothing about tax law, this is sort of […]

10April, 2009

Virtually There: Challenges and Advantages of the Sometime Office

The terms “Virtual Law Practice” and “Virtual Law Office” are loaded ones, for the uninitiated, as well as for the too-initiated. As with any phrases that might in some way be related to technology in a society like ours, where technological advances outpace our language, there is bound to be a gulf of definition: […]