28January, 2010

The Massachusetts Data Privacy Regime: An Overview

I think that I am writing this post both because there was some demand for a Powerpoint presentation I made yesterday, and because I just want to prove to people that I can draft short blog posts with very few links. Done and done.At the first-ever Massachusetts Information Security Summit, held January 27, 2010, in […]

27January, 2010

Starting Your Practice on a Limited Budget: Hitting the Numbers

On January 21, Rodney Dowell, Alan Klevan, Gabriel Cheong and I appeared together at a CLE Brown Bag presentation at the Boston Bar Association, which CLE was, by sheer coincidence (I know), titled as above. In taking the easy way out, as moderator, I was able to watch, as Rodney and Alan and Gabriel delivered […]

25January, 2010

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing


25January, 2010

LOMAP Lending Library

Our Lending Library listing can be viewed by downloading our title list, here, which is in an Excel workbook format (note the multiple tabs).

If you would like to borrow any resources from our lending library, please email Rachel.  We lend our library resources for three-week periods.

We are currently in the process of converting to an […]

21January, 2010

Guest Post: The Solo and Small Firm Advantage: Eight Rules for Web 2.0 Success

We are fortunate to welcome back Stephen E. Seckler, principal of Seckler Legal Consulting, for the second edition of his “The Solo and Small Firm Advantage” guest blog post series. Stephen is an attorney coach with twenty years of experience in consulting with lawyers. (Stephen’s full profile is available at his website.) […]

15January, 2010

We Are Reconciled: IOLTA acCounts

Last week, I wrote about the importance of maintaining client contact and of maintaining order surrounding client files, and your docket. As I said then, and as remains true now, this is a topic of primary concern for our clients. Another common issue that we encounter (and it’s at least in the top three of […]

7January, 2010

Never Again Unrequited: Resolve to Maintain Client Contact

Now, raise your right hand, and swear. Resolved: That the Attorney Reading This Blog Post Should Significantly Reform His/Her Procedures for Maintaining Client Contact. I’m sorry. You’ve already sworn. No backsies. I mean, anyway, it’s the New Year. (Ding Dong! Ding Dong!!) You probably have a bundle of resolutions that you […]