26February, 2010

A Credenza Sampler: New Practice Management System Functions as Outlook Add-On

Think of it. Where do you spend most of your time during the workday? In your email, right? Yet, all of these practice management systems exist separately, outside of Outlook–although most do provide sync and integration. But, wouldn’t it be great if someone could develop a practice management system that exists […]

24February, 2010

This Way to the MBA: Annual Conference to Feature Data Privacy Component; “MBA On Demand” Online CLE Releases

The Massachusetts Bar Association is recently active on a couple fronts, with new offerings of interest to Massachusetts attorneys.. . .The revived and revitalized Massachusetts Bar Association Annual Conference (this year’s version being also known as “AC10”, for you hipsters out there) will take place over the course of Thursday and Friday, March 11 and […]

21February, 2010

Garage Banned Music: Records Management and Disposition for Attorneys

In honor of the XXI Winter Olympiad, being currently held in Vancouver, British Columbia, which was previously most well-known as being the filming site for the X-Files television show, for seasons one through five, let’s, this week, talk records . . . client records. Psyche. That was a pretty fierce burn, you have to admit.(Perhaps […]

18February, 2010

Business and Marketing Planning for Attorneys

Further to my last post hereat, in which I discussed realistic business planning for lawyers, I’d like to provide some resources and further information, for accomplishing same, in this: only the second post that I have written of a reasonable length. (To paraphrase Meatloaf: 2 out of every 100 ain’t bad.)

You see, I felt bad […]

11February, 2010

Guest Post: Dorie Clark’s “Managing the Media”

We are pleased to present a guest post from Dorie Clark, who presented on this topic for LOMAP’s Marketing Group this past February 5. Dorie, a marketing and strategy consultant for legal clients, as well as Google, Yale University, and the National Park Service, is President of Clark Strategic Communications. She can be reached at […]

5February, 2010

Baby Steps: On Holding Your Horses Before Your Carts, so that Your Big Plans Have Some Room to Grow Big

Now that I have been at this law practice management consulting game for a long time (very relatively speaking), I have been noticing some trends. (And, I think it is true, that, generally, those persons who are attuned to trends, and who can understand the directions of those trends, and who can then access […]