29April, 2010

E is for Newsletter; J is for John: Leverage Your Contacts for Direct Email Marketing

Some folks, attorneys perhaps particularly, most of whom don’t want to admit to selling anything, even though it is much their business, find email marketing to be a dirty phrasing, equating almost everything done via this method with the crucible word: spam. Yeah, some directed email is spam; read: the Cialis and Viagra emails […]

23April, 2010

Twitter Update: Steps for Following

Back in February, four days after Valentine’s Day 2009 (not sure how I got away with that), I blogged on Twitter as a marketing revolution, not unto itself. That was a pretty bold statement, I guess–especially considering that I had used Twitter for a total of about two-and-a-half months when I wrote that post. […]

20April, 2010

Choo-Choo-Choose Your Entity: Train-ing Materials for Selecting Your Firm’s Business Structure

Last week’s, as usually stellar, guest contribution to the LOMAP blog, this time from Wellesley attorney Chiara LaPlume, covered main considerations for solo attorneys seeking to find the appropriate entity for their firm’s existing. Chiara makes some great points in her post; and, we are very appreciative of her taking the time to draft her […]

15April, 2010

Guest Post: Choice of Entity for the Solo Attorney in 2010

We are pleased to have the following excellent guest post, which has been drafted by Chiara Urbani LaPlume. Chiara has been kind enough to offer her thoughts on the question of choice of entity for the solo attorney . . . a question that we are frequently asked here at LOMAP.Chiara is the principal […]

7April, 2010

The Wind WISPers Wary: Further Considerations for Data Privacy Compliance in Massachusetts, Post-Effective Date

With serious apologies to Jimi Hendrix and his Experience, for paraphrasing, in a rather ridiculous, but alliterative, at least, manner, such a great song, I am nonetheless hopeful that my cheesiness may be what draws your attention to this post.I have not yet taken the opportunity to post on the Massachusetts Data Privacy Regime since […]

2April, 2010

Guest Post: 10 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Practice and/or Yourself

We are pleased to have Alvah Parker’s contribution of this fine blog post, based upon her web presentation made to the LOMAP Marketing Group earlier today. Alvah is the principal of Parker Associates and has been a coach and practice advisor for more than 10 years. Before starting her practice, Alvah was a […]

1April, 2010

Groundings of and Considerations for the Paperless Law Office

I’ve been attempting to save my stamina, and your vision, of late, through the execution of smaller blog posts, as if I had fed my larger blog postings the small-making “Drink Me” vial from the Alice in Wonderland adventure-tales. I have found that one of the easier ways to decrease the length of my postings […]