30June, 2010

Like This: Facebook as Business Marketing Utility

Yeah, it’s like that. Per my last week’s post to ye olde LOMAP blog, you learned that we published a Facebook page the week before. If you haven’t “liked” us yet, “like” being the equivalent of a Facebook stern handshake relationship, well . . . What are you waiting for? Get on […]

25June, 2010

LOMAP Launches Facebook Page

Never ones to absent ourselves from the leading edge of technology, LOMAP has launched its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MassLOMAP.Have you heard of this thing . . . this, Facebook? I mean, apparently, everybody’s on it. It’s crazy. When my mom told me about it last week, we decided that we had to design […]

23June, 2010

LOMAP Data Privacy Series Available Through Massachusetts Bar Association’s “Lawyers Journal”

As you’ve likely gathered by now, we love to write about data privacy issues here at the LOMAP Blog . . . well, at least, we do.And, we’re at it again.Over a three-month period occurring in the Winter-Spring joint season, LOMAP published a series of articles covering several data privacy issues for the Massachusetts […]

17June, 2010

Outside Counsel: Because You Can’t Spell “Practice Management Advice” Without P-M-A

This week, the fine folks at AbacusLaw were kind enough to feature a guest post of mine at their blog, PracticeSmarter.If you didn’t catch “Outside Counsel: Because You Can’t Spell ‘Practice Management Advice’ Without P-M-A” (yes, that’s really the title; and, yes, I just unnecessarily repeated it) there, you can catch it here.If you’ve ever […]

15June, 2010

Guest Post: Introduction to Virtual Law Practice and Delivering Unbundled Legal Services Online

A long, long time ago, I promised a three-part series on virtual law “stuff”, in three of its forms: the virtual, physical office (check); the virtual practice of law (uncheck; but, about to be checked off); and, the use of virtual assistants (as-yet-unchecked). Thanks to Stephanie Kimbro, who has authored the guest blog post […]

11June, 2010

Farther Time: Review of Chrometa, Time Capture Software

For the current, June 2010 issue of the ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division’s excellent GP|Solo magazine, I reviewed the time capture product Chrometa.Sometime around two weeks ago, I had a realization about not writing more than one review: one for the blog, one for a magazine. (Was I stupid before? […]

9June, 2010

Guest Post: The Solo and Small Firm Advantage: Be Open to Serendipity, and Your Referrals Will Grow

We are fortunate to welcome back Stephen E. Seckler, principal of Seckler Legal Consulting, for the third edition of his “The Solo and Small Firm Advantage” guest blog post series. Stephen is an attorney coach with twenty years of experience in consulting with lawyers. (Stephen’s full profile is available at his website.) […]

3June, 2010

LOMAP’s Start-Up Meetings Offer Free Crash Course for Those Establishing Practices

With the unofficial start to summertime following the long Memorial Day Weekend, everyone is looking forward to some kind of finish line, for the end of some kind of working. If you’ve graduated from law school (you’re in it now), you’re fully ramping up to studies for the bar examination. Perhaps you’re considering, even, following […]