29July, 2010

TechHit Will (Message)Save You Time

Awful title. I’m sorry. I’m not Jared; my titles aren’t witty, and my jokes aren’t funny. But, he will be back next week. Until then… . . . Back in my first year of law school, my roommates and I had a Halloween party. One of my roommates (also […]

21July, 2010

Hits or Misses: A Review of TechHit’s TwInbox and FBLook

Jared is on vacation. For some reason, he doesn’t want to write any posts during this time. I can’t figure it out. So, I volunteered to review some TechHit programs. But, I know I am no substitute for Jared, and you miss him. So, you can just reread one of […]

15July, 2010

Cypher Sell: Email Encryption, for the Security of the Well-Traveling Private Data

I know what you’re thinking: Geez, guys, really . . . another post on data privacy. Well, yeah. I mean, remember how we always talk about finding a niche, and marketing the hades out of said niche until it becomes a specialty. Well, now this is happening.If a regular reader of this blog, you, as […]

8July, 2010

Guest Post: Marketing a Virtual Law Office

This is the middle post in a three-part series on the virtual practice of law authored by Stephanie Kimbro for the LOMAP Blog. The first part in this series provided a basic introduction to the topic of virtual law practice and the unbundling of legal services online. This piece will cover the marketing […]