31August, 2010

Legal Productivity: The Blog, Not (Necessarily) The Thing

This late August, Rocket Matter, purveyors of legal productivity software (or, “practice management software”, as we frequently refer to it here), launched a new blog, labeled, aptly (see, I wasn’t kidding): “Legal Productivity”.The Legal Productivity blog promises much and many good postings relative to law practice management, a subject dear, as you know, to […]

27August, 2010

Finders’ Keep: The Use of Naming Conventions Within Records Management

You can chock this posting, as well as my many others, up to my essential laziness. Yes, it’s true, I am, in fact, essentially lazy: I’d rather be lying on my couch, eating chips (and picking the stray chip pieces out of my chest hair–no, those don’t get thrown away) and watching SportsCenter right now. […]

24August, 2010

Just a Couple of Business Card Sharks . . . : More on Business Card Optimization

This week, Jim Calloway, Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program, and I were quoted together in “Business Card Sharks: A Creative Business Card Can Be The Ace Up Your Sleeve”, an entertaining and informative article, written by Michael Rappaport for The Canadian Bar Association’s PracticeLink.(How did I get quoted in this article? […]

19August, 2010

Prefab Modules: Legal Workspace Offers Hosted Desktop Solution for Lawyers

Legal software takes time to download. It also costs money to update. And, even if you don’t know that, your IT guy does. You know, the guy that bills you for that stuff. But, if you want an alternative method for establishing and updating your desktop legal software platform, there is, […]

17August, 2010

Guest Post: Marketing Strategies through the Lens of Public Relations

We are very happy to have received the below guest blog post from Jena Murphy. Jena is an award-winning public and community relations professional who provides her thoughts below relative to law firm marketing from a PR perspective. To learn more about Jena and the services that she provides, you may contact her via […]

10August, 2010

Guest Post: Ethics Considerations for the Virtual Practice of Law

This is the final post in a three-part series on the virtual practice of law authored by Stephanie Kimbro for the LOMAP Blog. The first part in this series provided a basic introduction to the topic of virtual law practice and the unbundling of legal services online. The second part in this series covered the […]

4August, 2010

Picking the Grid-Lock: So Much Cooler Offline

Try finding a wireless signal in Iowa, in south central Iowa, to boot (a bit different from south central L.A., but still), secured or otherwise. (No, I’m not going to buy an aircard, it’s just not that important to me.) The fact of my describing the following as “incidents” (our (Jessica and I’s) […]