23November, 2010

Guest Post: Bully Market: Diversity as an Investment Strategy . . . for Social Media

A little while back, I wrote a two-part tome on social media marketing. (Part I is accessible here. Part II is available here.) Maybe you’re still reading it. You can stop now. The short series was theoretical, but inspired by some of the very impressive uses of social media marketing […]

19November, 2010

A Firm(er) Future: Boston Conference Offers Best in Law Practice Management and Legal Technology Fare

On December 1, 2010, from 8 am – 2:30 pm, the Warren Group, in association with the Massachusetts Bar Association and Massachusetts Lawyers Journal, will present the very first FirmFuture Conference. FirmFuture purports to play host to a world of opportunity for those who leverage the latest strategies and technology. Sounds pretty […]

18November, 2010

Law Practice the Other Day: Latest Issue of ABA eZine focuses to In-House Attorneys and New Partners

Just last post, I was talkin’ all about how I didn’t write about niche topics and stuff.Well, this post comes with my introductory, profound apologies for being a downright, filthy liar, because here I am again, talkin’ ‘bout, as far as you can tell from the title, issues of interest to in-house counsel and new […]

12November, 2010

Some Intellectual Conversation: Legal Talk Network Debuts New Podcast Covering IP Law

It’s a rare day here at the LOMAP Blog, that I write on a specific practice area. It’s probably become clear to you all by now that we almost never address specific practice area concerns. There’s reasons for that, to name two: (1) if I had to address every law practice management issue […]

11November, 2010

They’re Not Worthy: Tips for Client Selecting

With apologies to Wayne and Garth, it is true that some potential clients are not worthy of your significant attentions. And, the sooner you find that out, the sooner you can cut bait, and run (or close to it), very much in the other direction, and far. Now, it’s not like clients are […]

5November, 2010

Guest Post: Selected Tips for Paying Attention to Details in Legal Writing in the Electronic Age

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Kenneth Reich, written on a topic so far unique to the LOMAP Blog: legal writing. Mr. Reich offers mentoring services to attorneys with various levels of experience. (For more on Mr. Reich, you may view his profile, at his website.) During his career, […]

4November, 2010

Part II: More Considerations in Creating a Website Using WordPress

When I wrote about Basic Considerations in Creating a Website Using WordPress, I promised to share some particular, hopefully useful, tips to assist you in setting up your website using WordPress. So, let us begin with the most immediately noticeable feature on your website: the Header. Your header image has to match the pixels specified […]