29December, 2012

The (Fourth Annual) Posts of Christmas Past: The LOMAP Blog’s Calendar Year in Review (for 2012)

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again: when I give in to the compilation temptation, and ratchet up my Christmastime overview of our best posts of the year.  Sure, the year’s not over yet; and, I’m even a little late for Christmas (and Hanukkah, for that matter); so, I guess you could say […]

20December, 2012

New IRS Penalty Could Impact Attorneys Who Accept Credit Card Payments

This week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management Section Featured Practice Tip comes from LOMAP.  In this week’s tip, we address a new IRS withholding penalty that may impact attorneys who accept credit cards in their law practices.Read the tip here.

14December, 2012

How to Increase Your Twitter Following

Recently, the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center published an excerpt from my new book, ‘Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers’, through its Law Technology Today blog.  In the post, which you can read here, you’ll find me talking about some of the niceties of getting followed and following back on the Twitter.  If […]

7December, 2012

Writing Requirement: As of January 1, Written Fee Agreements will be Required in Most Cases

This week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management Section Featured Practice Tipcomes from LOMAP.  In this week’s tip, we address some important coming ethics rules revisions that will affect most attorneys and law firms in Massachusetts.Read the tip here.

30November, 2012

Alexander the Great: LOMAP Hires a New Practice Advisor

People like free stuff, which is great for the people — but, sometimes, not-so-great for the free stuff.  As LOMAPtakes on more and more clients, and continues to work with its existing clients, our staff gets stretched ever-thinner, attempting to effectively manage a fast-growing caseload.  In determining that a couple more hands on deck would […]

21November, 2012

What NOT To Do On Twitter

Before, during or after you’re chewing on your Thanksgiving turducken, chew on this: the Top Ten Things not to do on Twitter, which I got published to the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center’s Law Technology Today blog, back in August.  Remember August?  It was much warmer back then.  Good times.Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.. . .Liner […]

16November, 2012

Accessing Power Off the Grid: In the Event of a Blackout . . .

This week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management SectionFeatured Practice Tip comes from LOMAP. In this week’s tip, I’m gonna tell you what I did during Superstorm Sandy.Read the Tip here.

9November, 2012

The Bird Anomaly: Coaching Up Your Staff

In the National Basketball Association, less formally known as the NBA, it’s a general rule that great players make poor coaches, witness: Bob Cousy (player/coach); Magic Johnson (player/coach); Dave Cowens (player/coach); Kurt Rambis (player/coach) . . . wait, I said great players.  Rambis sucks.  Heck, Kareem Abdul-Jabbarcan’t even get a pro coaching gig.  And, […]

2November, 2012

Guest Post: Lawyers Doing Business in Massachusetts: Must I File a D/B/A?

Today, we’re pleased to publish a guest post from Boston attorney Sofia Lingos, who represents small businesses and entrepreneurs, as the principal of the Lingos Law firm.  Sofia is also an adjunct professor at the Northeastern University School ofLaw.  For more information about Sofia and her practice, visit her bio page at her website, as […]

26October, 2012

Not Debatable: Everybody Wins When Lawyers Go Pro (Bono)

There’ll be two things you’ll need to know about me before we proceed:Thing 1: I was a collegiate debater.  Lincoln-Douglas was just about my style.  I was pretty good, actually.  People compared me to a young Dave Trumble, right down to an affinity for the plaid.  But, my team was even better: we were the […]