30March, 2012

Girl’s (and Boy’s) Guide to Law School (and Practice Start-Up Considerations): Some More Tips from LOMAP

I recently had the distinct pleasure of contributing three guest posts to Alison Monahan’s ‘The Girl’s Guide to Law School’. (I’m not sure Alison quite wanted three posts; but, that’s what I wrote, and that is what she probably felt compelled to use, probably in order to save my feelings.) The three posts […]

23March, 2012

Smart Phone: Should Solos Go Mobile?

My monthly contribution to Clio’s (award-winning) Small Firm Innovation group blog (on the February theme of ‘phone systems’) sees me answering a question I get quite a bit here at LOMAP: ‘Can I use my smartphone as my primary office phone?’ Sure. But, there’s no way you’ll look this rad doing it. […]

16March, 2012

Signature Authority: Using Footer Tools to Create Template Emails

This week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management Section Featured Practice Tip comes from LOMAP. This week’s Tip follows up a recent guest post by Gerrit Betz on creating a document template library, in coverage of a method for the creation of an email template library.Read the Tip here.

9March, 2012

Agilewords for Document Review

Agilewords is a collaborative review site, promising a secure, simple, streamlined review process. It delivers. And, they have a picture of a t-rex here (there’s a nice introduction to the company there, too).

You start by uploading, naming, and selecting a folder for your document. You then have to setup your document with a […]

2March, 2012

Let Me Google That For You: Change to Privacy Policy Offers Occasion to Review Your Relation to Online Provider

You will have read that the ubiquitous Google made dramatic changes to its privacy policy yesterday. These changes will affect most all of the suite of Google products, from search (the Google just about everybody knows) to email (GMail) to drafting (Google Docs), and etc. Essentially, Google is going to be collecting your […]