26April, 2013

Heartbreak Hill: Lawyers Should be Respectful in Marketing Following a Tragedy

There has been a long series of acts of terrorism against the United States, and the uniting colonies. As it now stands, those events can be said to begin and end in Boston; and, of course, that is always the hope: that senseless acts of coordinated violence against innocent and unsuspecting persons, like the Boston […]

12April, 2013

Two-Bit Encryption: A Pair of Options for Securing Cloud Documents and Email

As has been seen previously, we’re active at posting for other blogs, in addition to our own.  And, in that historical vein, Rodney and Heidi have been making regular submissions to Law Technology Today, the blog of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section and Legal Technology Resource Center.
Rodney’s first two posts for the […]

6April, 2013

Restoring Your Computer System and Recovering Data in Law Practice

Backing up your files is essential!  But, if you don’t know how to restore and recover your data in the event of a data loss, then your backup is worthless.
We all dread that moment:  the one in which our computer malfunctions and loses all of your stored data.  That can be a scary moment, particularly […]