28June, 2013

Funnel Vision: Elevating Your Elevator Speech

I’m not ashamed to say that, at the Topsfield Fair not every year, I eat a lot of funnel cake — like, a lot. And, that’s not just for when the Fair’s going on, though: I’m also partial to deep-fried butter. Funnel cakes don’t look very much like funnels, or cake; they’re called after funnels […]

22June, 2013

Breaking Bad: Relaying Unfortunate Results to Clients

Unless you’re Kevin Lomax in ‘Devil’s Advocate’, there is a strong likelihood that, at some point, you will not receive the result that you and your client had hoped for, at which point you’ll have to be the bearer of some bad news. But, even if that unfortunate event leads to a final, negative determination […]

14June, 2013

Guest Post: I Love My MacBook; My iPhone? Not So Much

We love guest posts here at the LOMAP Blog  . . . mostly because it means that I don’t have to write something . . . So, keep ‘em comin’.  We’re more than pleased, then, to relay the following post from Dylan Hayre.  Hayre, who is a lawyer for soliders, and has somehow also found […]

7June, 2013

Conquering Networking Jitters

While social networking sites are on the rise, they have not yet replaced good ‘ole fashion in-person networking. However, not many people would confess to “enjoying” in-person networking – especially as that single person in a room full of attorneys and/or other professionals you have never met. But, whether you like it or […]

2June, 2013

Nicheties: How to Select Your Practice Areas

There’s certainly still a lot of apparent appeal to the general practice of law. I mean, if Abraham Lincoln did it, it can’t be half-bad, right? Well, you comb your hair, don’t you? Examine a picture of Abraham Lincoln sometime: You think he was real diligent about combing his hair? Not so much, much of […]