27July, 2013

Guest Post: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: How Student Loans Changed After the Financial Crisis

Unless your name is Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac, you know that (student) loans are no fun.  Of course, neither are economic crashes . . .  But, it may be that our most recent recession has made it more favorable for you (the new law school graduate), to pay off your student loans, and to […]

19July, 2013

Guest Post: Sundown, You’d Better Take Care: Windows XP Extended Support to End Next Year

In my time here at LOMAP, I have seen some old computers.  This one time, someone opened a secret closet (I can’t remember whether there was also a secret knock involved, or not) to reveal a computer that was older than me, which housed all of the law firm’s information, from time in memoriam.  I […]

13July, 2013

Summer Tour: LOMAP’s Start-Up Meetings Go On the Road

LOMAP has now, for more years than I can count (I can’t count very high), offered free ‘start-up’ meetings for lawyers looking to establish their own law firms. At these two-hour meetings, we dedicate an hour to ‘traps for the unwary’/’things to think about before starting your firm’-style issues, and an hour to ‘developing […]

2July, 2013

Noises Off: Reducing Auditory Distractions in Your Workflow

In today’s world, there are a number of distractions, seemingly created solely to divest our attention from normal life activities, like not walking into traffic. From Blackberry messaging to Google Glass, there’s always something in the way.

Although we don’t often consider it, or realize it, there are a number of sound-based distractions that creep […]