31August, 2013

Modern Fee Agreement Clauses . . . and More

UPDATE: The Massachusetts Fee Agreement Best Practice Guide is available for FREE here. This resource was developed in 2018 by the working group we formed with the MBA.

The original post written in 2013 is below.

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If you have not yet heard, I am now writing a monthly column for the website, Attorney […]

23August, 2013

C’mon, C’mon, C’mon, Let Me Show You What It’s All About: Encryption ABC’s, Easy as 1-2-3

The Massachusetts Data Protection statutes and rules compel encryption in certain scenarios; and, a modern interpretation of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct would suggest that encrypting data is the appropriate move in certain circumstances; but, beyond that, it’s also a pretty good idea, as a general practice, to encrypt your clients’ sensitive data. […]

16August, 2013

Summer Teeth: It’s Time to Bite Into Those Long-Overdue Projects

Nobody starts a law firm on exactly the footing they expect. Even though some attorneys work an aggressive plan for establishing a new practice, there are always things left a slide; and, for some, practice management is thrust upon them. The absolute best time to settle your firm practices is at its inception. If you […]

9August, 2013

Four Way Street: The Species of Time Capture Tools

Lawyers generally dislike timekeeping.  Naturally, nobody enjoys measuring out the time of his life in small increments appearing on the other side of a computer screen.  At least you’re getting paid.  And, at least there are ever-increasing ways to capture your time, while you pass it.  If you’ve got an established workflow, there’s likely a […]

2August, 2013

Markup . . . Polo: Why Advancing Costs, at Cost, Is the Best Strategy

Per the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct, at Rule 1.8(e), there are specific exceptions to the bar on attorneys providing financial assistance to clients, when it comes to advancing court costs and expenses of litigation. The Board of Bar Overseers has written on the limitation of this exception to court costs and expenses of […]