29September, 2013

A Little Planning Never Hurt No One: The Short Form Marketing Plan

It used to be that no one was afraid of Virginia Woolf; so, it must have been that people were looking for something else to be afraid of; and, it appears that businesspeople have found their foil: the marketing plan, a close cousin of the business plan. I’ve said before that I think lawyers should […]

21September, 2013

Reversal of Fortune: Client Relations Turn on Customer Appreciation

Service providers must walk a thin line when it comes to customer service. On the one hand, your clients need your services; on the other hand, they could very easily choose someone else to do the work.

Regardless of the work you put in marketing your practice, and the potential inevitability of the client’s choice, […]

13September, 2013

Guest Post: Go MILO: 2013 Edition of Popular Conference is in Late October; Early Bird Registration Still Available

Since I’ve been at LOMAP, I have witnessed a decided shift in computing preferences: whereas, five years ago, most of the attorneys I talked to were PC users, now, more than half of the attorneys that I consult with use Macs — and, that figure is growing. In fact, this is a general […]

6September, 2013

Windows Ex-P: Popular Operating System May Become Hackers’ Paradise

Recently, guest poster Jeffery Clark covered the impending demise of Microsoft’s extended support for Windows XP, which will sunset on April 8, 2014. In his thoughtful and detailed post, Jeffrey relayed a number of options for moving on from XP.

Not that folks are actually getting a move on . . . It’s estimated […]