28March, 2014

Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Ever “Googled” someone? Sure, we all have. These days, the Internet is the first place we go to find and gather information about someone. Whether you ask Siri or type in a search string, our introduction to a new contact is whatever we discover on the Internet. That begs the question, […]

21March, 2014

99 Passwords, But It Isn’t One: Managing Applications Access

The chief difficulty in having so many programs and applications that we use in our work and personal lives is that we wish to secure much of data we put online — or, if not the data, certainly the accounts which we use to post the data: privately, publicly or semi-publicly. In sum: that’s a […]

14March, 2014

Data Protection on the Go: Security Tips for iPhone Users

Thanks to mobile devices, attorneys can remain connected to their offices while on the go. While this can be hugely advantageous to practitioners, having access to confidential client data can also pose major security concerns. Small handheld smartphones, in particular, are easily lost and often a target for thieves as well as hackers.

A recent survey by the […]

8March, 2014

My Generation: Document Automation Tools for Lawyers

You’ll have read some variation of the Myth of Sisyphus elsewhere, no doubt; and, mostly, the story gets you weepy over ol’ Sisyphus because, each time he seems to have completed his task . . . well, the boulder rolls right back into place — and, he must start again, from scratch. Lawyers should be […]