25April, 2014

Achieving “Inbox Zero”: Email Management Tips

Ever send an email to your colleague across the hall rather than picking up the phone? Sure, we all have. And, while the telephone is not by any means obsolete, email has become a primary means of communication for many attorneys. As such, we are bombarded by a stream of emails 24/7. Without a good […]

18April, 2014

LOMAP’s 4th Annual ‘Super’ Marketing Conference is June 5 at Suffolk University Law School

On June 5, we will host our fourth annual ‘super’ marketing conference: Building Relationships to Build Business. Suffolk University Law School will host, and the event is co-sponsored by Suffolk’s Center for Advanced Legal Studies, the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Chicago Bar Association, among others. This year’s conference will focus on the underlying relationships […]

12April, 2014

Held in High Estimation: Don’t Forget to Pay Your Taxes!

April 15 is just around the corner; and, you know what that means: It’s again time to pay the taxman. One of two certainties of existence comes around again.

But, if you opened your own law practice this year, you’re not only filing taxes for last year: you’ll also need to start paying taxes for this […]

5April, 2014

TECHSHOW for the Technophobe: The Cool Embrace of the Shadow of the Internet

It’s sort of a rite of passage at this point to go out to the American Bar Association’s TECHSHOW (yes, that’s right: ALL CAPS), and to then write a recap post about your experience. I mean, everybody’s doing it: Beverly Michaelis, Bob Ambrogi, Larry Port . . . and, yeah: pretty much everybody else who […]