23May, 2014

Comfort Object: The Way We’ve Always Done It Isn’t Always The Way To Do It

I’m handed lawyer business cards quite regularly. In fact, I have a substantial collection. They’re like my bobbleheads. After a while, you sort of become numb to the hand-off: Quick glance to get the name down, into the shirt pocket (at least, that’s where mine go for storage). After a little while longer, you sort […]

16May, 2014

Announcing LoMac: A Resource and Community for Mac + iOS Legal Practitioners

Do you use a Mac or iOS device in your law practice? If so, you are part of a growing trend among solo and small firm lawyers. According to the ABA 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report, 23% of small law firms (2 to 9 attorneys) and 19% of solo practitioners surveyed use Apple laptops while13% […]

9May, 2014

An Easier Way to Find Pro Bono Projects (and Some Health and Happiness)

MassProBono is a new interactive website that can match you with a project based on your interests, location, and schedule. MassProBono is developed by the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association, in partnership with Pro Bono Net, a national nonprofit organization, the Massachusetts Legal Aid Websites Project housed at the Massachusetts Law Reform […]

2May, 2014

Guest Post: Dress for Success: Fashion Tips for Lawyers

I only have two fashion rules:

(1) Plaid (I suppose camouflage, as well) matches everything.

(2) Umbrellas are for hippies.

This is probably why I’m a law firm consultant, and not a fashion consultant. Fortunately, Emmi Sorokin is a fashion stylist, who works out of Boston’s Back Bay to help her clients fine-tune their professional image. Emmi has […]