23May, 2014

Comfort Object: The Way We’ve Always Done It Isn’t Always The Way To Do It

I’m handed lawyer business cards quite regularly. In fact, I have a substantial collection. They’re like my bobbleheads. After a while, you sort of become numb to the hand-off: Quick glance to get the name down, into the shirt pocket (at least, that’s where mine go for storage). After a little while longer, you sort […]

16May, 2014

Announcing LoMac: A Resource and Community for Mac + iOS Legal Practitioners

Do you use a Mac or iOS device in your law practice? If so, you are part of a growing trend among solo and small firm lawyers. According to the ABA 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report, 23% of small law firms (2 to 9 attorneys) and 19% of solo practitioners surveyed use Apple laptops while13% […]

9May, 2014

An Easier Way to Find Pro Bono Projects (and Some Health and Happiness)

Volunteer work isn’t just correlated with happiness; it actually causes it, at least according to some pretty good research. And according to some other good research, it influences health and longevity, too.

And if that sounds too crazy for you to believe, that’s okay. Pro bono work is also an opportunity to network, and develop and […]

2May, 2014

Guest Post: Dress for Success: Fashion Tips for Lawyers

I only have two fashion rules:

(1) Plaid (I suppose camouflage, as well) matches everything.

(2) Umbrellas are for hippies.

This is probably why I’m a law firm consultant, and not a fashion consultant. Fortunately, Emmi Sorokin is a fashion stylist, who works out of Boston’s Back Bay to help her clients fine-tune their professional image. Emmi has […]