20June, 2014

Maximize Your Impact by Boosting Your Internal Image

Updated June 2018: The research discussed below has been criticized on various points, which have been responded to in this article from Forbes.

The art of presentation is an integral aspect of the legal profession, regardless of your particular practice. Good presentation skills matter, whether you are providing direction and counsel to a client, wooing potential […]

14June, 2014

#LHLM Highlights from Super Marketing IV: Building Relationships to Build Business

June 5th marked MassLOMAP’s fourth annual Super Marketing Conference in Boston.  Marketing experts traveled across the continent to provide their knowledge on marketing trends, ethical use of social media, importance of customer service, search engine optimization, analyzing return on investment, branding techniques, networking best practices, and much much more.  To view the speaker’s presentations and […]

11June, 2014

From iPads to High Heels: What Attorneys Can Learn from Apple and Zappos

What can attorneys learn from companies like Apple and Zappos? A great deal, according to Jack Newton, co-founder, president and CEO of cloud-based law practice management company, Clio. So, what does selling shoes and iPads have to do with the legal profession? According to Mr. Newton, who addressed a room full of attorneys during the […]

5June, 2014

Pyramid of Success: Three Blogging Tips


Blogging remains the preferred publication method for solo and small firm lawyers dedicated to content marketing. Of course, that singular dedication does not mean that everybody’s getting it right. Here are three simple tweaks that you can make to your blogging, to become even more certain that you’re not one of the ones who are […]