29August, 2014

Like-Kind Exchange: Lawyers Should Network with Other Professionals, Too

Lawyers have a reputation for being aggressively confident; but, that notion has mostly been buttressed by television and movie depictions of trial attorneys. (Maybe I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, though.) Most of the attorneys that I’ve met would not meet the public perception; many are passive, and shy. This is one of the reasons […]

22August, 2014

Automate Your Email with Simple Scheduling Tools

“Inbox Zero” means keeping your inbox empty or nearly empty at all times, thus reducing distraction and increasing efficiency.  Inbox Zero, per its founder Merlin Mann, and its related email and task management methodology (i.e. “Getting Things Done” by David Allen), each prescribe the following:  if you can respond to an email in less than […]

21August, 2014

Law of Inertia: Change Management Within Law Firms

Every business travels upon a strong current, built of inertia. As work gets done, and as business picks up, ways to do things develop, and become processes — even if those ways were never meant to be formalized processes, but only introductory placeholders. Most small law firms travel along with the current for their entire […]

8August, 2014

She (or He) Being Brand New: Blogging for Professional Development

Many new lawyers I talk to are reluctant to start blogging, even as it’s a tremendous content marketing tool that is one of the best ways for lawyers to build their expertise, and their following. A variant of the same, simple protestation is always made: ‘But, What can I write about? I’m not an expert.’

Of […]

1August, 2014

LOMAP Discount Announced for MILOfest 2014

The popular Mac Lovin’ fest is back this October 23-25 at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.  If you use (or are thinking about using) Mac or iOS products in your law practice, this conference is for you.  MILOfest is an outgrowth of the Macs in the Law Office Google Group (MILO), a discussion listserv for legal […]