19September, 2014

Five Best Practice Referral Marketing Tips

Referral marketing, as opposed to direct marketing, targets people with the potential to send you business. Successful firms rely on a high percentage of referrals to keep their practice booming. A referral network must be developed and maintained. And merely going to a networking event and meeting some people won’t cut it. Here are five […]

12September, 2014

Not Your Average Business Plan

Do you have a business plan for your practice?  If you are like most of the attorneys I speak with, you don’t currently have one and you cringe at the thought of it.

I used to recommend writing a business plan as both the first step to going into practice and to grow or streamline an […]

6September, 2014

Hawking Quacksalvers: (Under)promise and (Over)deliver

The legal industry has a genuine concern in rooting out charlatans. The advertising ethics rules reflect as much, with a general prohibition against producing and disseminating false or misleading information, that expands out from there. There are, assuredly, important concepts available in this universe, many of which double as useful general business advice:

‘Don’t promise a […]