30October, 2014

Clever Brand Shark: Lawyers and Professional Magnetism


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Admittedly, that was lazy.  (Did I mention that Yahoo has the Saturday Night Live archive now available online?)

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Solo and small firm attorneys are always hustling for business, in order to keep the pump primed.  Especially with respect to solo attorneys, there is no doubt as to where clients’ loyalties lie.  There […]

27October, 2014

Block Letters: Time Management for Lawyers, Part 2: Email Management

In Part 1 of our series on time management, we outlined some basic solutions for improving efficiency.  In this second part of our series, we will focus on email management.

Email is the root of most of our time management issues.  The staggering volume of email we send and receive is debilitating.  Many of us make […]

19October, 2014

Closing a Small Law Practice – The Short List

Whether you are changing careers, retiring, or merging with another firm, there are many reasons why you might need to close up your law office.  Even if you don’t have plans to do so any time soon, it is prudent to prepare a succession plan for when the time comes (particularly if due to unforeseen […]

11October, 2014

Block Letters: Time Management for Lawyers, Part 1: Basic Solutions

Life is a continuing struggle for additional time. Not that we can ‘add time’ to our terranean existence. The best we can do is to use the time we are allotted more wisely; and, in the business context, that means being as efficient as possible — so that you can complete your work, and get […]

7October, 2014

3 Second Rule: Does Your Website Floor Visitors?

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About three seconds. That’s how much time visitors will give your website before forming a first (and, perhaps fixed and final) impression. (There are versions of this parable in which time gets extended — up to about a minute; still, that’s almost just as harrowing.) Given that truncated pitch cycle, it’s essential that […]

4October, 2014

Be That Boss: Get Together for Better Meetings

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With apologies to Jan Glassman of Daily General Counsel, for this partial conversion of the title for her excellent #DontBeThatBoss series, my intention this week is to write about methods for improving law firm staff morale via the execution of effective and regular meetings.

Effective communication from supervisors is essential to the maintenance of […]