27December, 2014

Law Practice Management Lessons Learned from Serial’s M. Cristina Gutierrez

Even if you haven’t listened, you’ve likely heard of the podcast “Serial”, dubbed the most popular podcast in the world based on the number of iTunes downloads and having since served as the basis for a Saturday Night Live skit. From the creators of “This American Life”, the podcast “Serial” spans twelve episodes following the same […]

18December, 2014

Advancing Women in the Law – An Interview on the Value of Sponsorship

In a recent book published by Attorney at Work, Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know, author Ida Abbott discusses the importance of sponsorship to the advance of women’s careers. By focusing on an audience of men, Ida provides a rare and needed perspective on how men can help advance women leaders in the law. I […]

10December, 2014

Block Letters: Time Management for Lawyers, Part 3: Technology Solutions

In Part 1 in our series on time management, we covered some basic solutions. In Part 2, we addressed some email management techniques. Now, we’ll consider a variety of technology solutions that will answer for tracking your time, saving your time, and, ultimately, increasing your efficiency.

Technology Conventions

One of the simplest technology upgrades you can implement […]

6December, 2014

Nostradami: Law Practice Management Predictions for 2015

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That’s messed up, right? It’s almost 2015. I know, I’m shocked, too. Here’s my face.

With 2015 (wait, what?!) rolling up around the corner, it’s time for the predictions blog posts to be, um . . . posted.

Let us enter upon the fray, courtesy of MyCase, which has recently listed no […]

5December, 2014

Positive Stability in Law Firms: How the Ship is Righted

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More often associated with the vacillations of a law firm is a term like ‘ebb and flow’; ‘steadiness’ is the less regularly attached descriptor. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should let the car steer you.

Or, the ship. In nautical terminology, positive stability describes the tendency of a ship to right itself, when […]