8August, 2014

She (or He) Being Brand New: Blogging for Professional Development

Many new lawyers I talk to are reluctant to start blogging, even as it’s a tremendous content marketing tool that is one of the best ways for lawyers to build their expertise, and their following. A variant of the same, simple protestation is always made: ‘But, What can I write about? I’m not an expert.’

Of […]

1August, 2014

LOMAP Discount Announced for MILOfest 2014

The popular Mac Lovin’ fest is back this October 23-25 at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.  If you use (or are thinking about using) Mac or iOS products in your law practice, this conference is for you.  MILOfest is an outgrowth of the Macs in the Law Office Google Group (MILO), a discussion listserv for legal […]

25July, 2014

Outlook Tip: Finding Unread Mail

Regardless of the different techniques and services you might use to manage your Outlook Inbox, there will come a day when you amass too many messages in your Inbox and thereby lose track of your unread messages.  When that happens, you need a way to quickly access your unread messages to then sort and respond […]

19July, 2014

Surface Tension: Microsoft’s Tablet is No Match for the iPad

I consider myself an agnostic, as battles get fought between the ultimate utility of Apple versus Microsoft products. I use Windows products at work, and have a PC laptop at home; but, I also have an iPad (and have had an Android smartphone and a Blackberry). I tried a Macintosh once, in college, over ten […]

17July, 2014

August and Everything After: Boston is the Hub of Legal Conferences This Summer

This summer, Boston is the place to be for legal conferences, with a number of major organizations invading, in support of significant events.

The Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA), the National Association of Bar Executives (NABE) and the American Bar Association (ABA) will all host events in our fair city during the first week of […]

4July, 2014

Aspirational Passwords: Change Your (Log-In) Habits

I recently came across this first person account of a man who tied his work-required password changes to personal, life goals. Following a divorce, the struggling author changed his password to: ‘Forgive@h3r’. After typing the passphrase over and over again, for a month, he had done so. He used the same technique to quit smoking, […]

3July, 2014

Fast Five: Twitter Tips for Beginners

It seems like more and more lawyers are interested in joining Twitter. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to start strong, because a lot of people don’t.

Here are five tips for starting your journey from Twitter beginner to maestro.

(1) Use a professional headshot for your avatar. Don’t be an egghead . . . or, […]

20June, 2014

Maximize Your Impact by Boosting Your Internal Image

Updated June 2018: The research discussed below has been criticized on various points, which have been responded to in this article from Forbes.

The art of presentation is an integral aspect of the legal profession, regardless of your particular practice. Good presentation skills matter, whether you are providing direction and counsel to a client, wooing potential […]

14June, 2014

#LHLM Highlights from Super Marketing IV: Building Relationships to Build Business

June 5th marked MassLOMAP’s fourth annual Super Marketing Conference in Boston.  Marketing experts traveled across the continent to provide their knowledge on marketing trends, ethical use of social media, importance of customer service, search engine optimization, analyzing return on investment, branding techniques, networking best practices, and much much more.  To view the speaker’s presentations and […]

11June, 2014

From iPads to High Heels: What Attorneys Can Learn from Apple and Zappos

What can attorneys learn from companies like Apple and Zappos? A great deal, according to Jack Newton, co-founder, president and CEO of cloud-based law practice management company, Clio. So, what does selling shoes and iPads have to do with the legal profession? According to Mr. Newton, who addressed a room full of attorneys during the […]