15February, 2015

New Massachusetts Ethics Rules? When and What You Need to Know

In case you’re still digging yourself out of the snow, I thought I’d save you some time with an update on forthcoming changes to the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct. If you haven’t been following along, take a look at Jared’s post providing a history of the Rule changes and highlights of the proposals. Here is where […]

9February, 2015

Eve of Destruction: Preparing for the Disposition of Client Files

Late-comers to the paperless revolution almost always desire to get a fresh start. The proposed plan is most often to start moving to a paperless system by a heavily settled date, at which point the existing motherlode of paper files will be forthwith destroyed. . . . Only, it isn’t quite that simple: you’ve got […]

7February, 2015

Courtroom Presence: If You Build It . . .

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I visit a lot of law firms; and, I’ve seen a lot of stuff . . . most which I can’t tell you about, because — well, you know. So, it’s not every day that I see something I have never seen before.

Maybe it’s just me; maybe this is a trend I’ve […]