19March, 2015

Review: JustiServ: A Legal Matching Service

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Northeastern University Law Professor Deborah Ramirez to discuss her newest venture, JustiServ. I say “newest” because Professor Ramirez previously founded JusticeBridge, a law practice incubator with offices in Boston and New Bedford providing resources and education to new law school graduates to serve low-income clients.

As Professor Ramirez explained, she’s […]

8March, 2015

Block Letters: Time Management for Lawyers, Part 4: Systemic Solutions


This is the fourth of six installments in our series on time management. To recap: part 1 covered basic solutions, part 2 email management approaches and part 3 technology tools. Now, we come to part 4: systemic solutions. To that end, I mean ‘systemic’ in both senses of the word; it is ‘of or relating […]

4March, 2015

Leveraging Your Technology Competency – A Limited-Time Discount on the Legal Technology Audit

Technology has become essential in today’s law practice. Not only does it increase internal efficiencies, but it offers a competitive advantage to firms that leverage it properly. This month on our Lunch Hour Legal Marketing webinar, Casey Flaherty and Professor Andrew Perlman, creators of the Legal Technology Audit, joined us to discuss the importance of technology competency […]

2March, 2015

Catch-Up Withholding: The Difficulty in Acquiring Client Consent Following Representation

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Previously, at the LOMAP Blog, we considered the potential effectiveness of moving to a paperless law practice, buttressed by an analysis of issues related to client inclusion in the process — specifically, we addressed the importance of acquiring client consent prior to the destruction of case files. But, what if you don’t […]