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28May, 2010

The First Steps to Comply With M.G.L. c. 93H (The Data Privacy Act)

Have you taken the basic steps to comply with M.G.L. C. 93H and 201 CMR 17.00, the Data Privacy Act? We have posted a number of times on this subject, but I thought we could get back to the basics. So, let us start with defining what are we protecting? And, what are the initial […]

10September, 2009

Facing Financial Reality: Tools to Create a Personal Budget

Clearly one of the most stressful issues that attorneys face day-to-day is financial uncertainty. A large percentage of attorneys operate in solo and small firms which, like many American families, operate from paycheck to paycheck. The only difference is that the paychecks come from clients who are often slow in paying. Therefore, cash flow is […]

21July, 2009

It is Time to Listen: Podcasts That Help Your Practice

Attorneys often complain to me that they simply do not have time to read about new technology and keep up with the latest law practice management tips. I understand these time demands. However, there is little basis for that excuse anymore because there is a wealth of very informative free educational audio podcasts which you […]

10April, 2009

Considerations for Entrusting Your Data to Web Based Software Provider

A growing trend exists to use vendors that provide web-based software which stores your data on a third-party server accessible only over the internet. If you are considering purchasing and using a web-based data storage company such as Mozy, Carbonite, CoreVault or SugarSync, or a case management software program like RocketMatter, or Clio, then you […]

20March, 2009

Which Smartphone do you want?

iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile 6.5, BlackBerry or Palm? The market place for smartphones is changing quickly as the functionality provided by the various operating systems improves. For example, Apple just announced that it will release of iPhone 3.0 which will add a large number of features including data tethering (i.e., using your smartphone […]

10March, 2009

How Do I Encrypt Electronic Files on My PC?

We have been given another reprieve; but, as of January 1, 2010, M.G.L. c. 93H and 201 CMR 17.00 will require Massachusetts attorneys to encrypt all confidential personal information stored on their portable electronic storage devices such as laptops, USB flash drives, USB hard drives, or DVD/CD. 2010 may seem a long way away; but, […]

27February, 2009

Finding a Mentor: Tool for Success

I believe that finding mentors is critical for an inexperienced lawyer’s long term success as an attorney and businessperson whether they are starting a solo practice or working for a firm. A lawyer may need multiple mentors because of the many demands of creating a successful practice today. Not only must a lawyer learn how […]

29January, 2009

Presentation At Boston College Law School – Going Solo

I made a presentation with my fellow Massachusetts Bar Association Law Practice Management Council members. These included Sally Stratman, Executive Director at Rubin & Rudman, Terry Walsh, President of Mass. Bar Association Insurance, Inc., and Alan Klevan, LPM co-chair and founder of Law Practice Strategies. This quick paced presentation did provide a bedrock […]

23January, 2009

Guest Post: SJC Ruling on Employment Discrimination in Thurdin Case Affects Solos and Small Firms

On January 6, I attended a program at the Boston Bar Association on the topic of “Employment Discrimination Claims and Small Businesses”. The program’s faculty analyzed the impact of the SJC’s decision in Thurdin v. SEI Boston, LLC. Since the ruling affects solo and small firm attorneys, as it does any other small […]

15January, 2009

A Socratic Method: The ABA's Next Legal Career Guide

I am excited to welcome LOMAP’s new law practice advisor as a contributor to the Massachusetts Law Practice Advisor blog. Jared Correia, Esq., has practiced with several law firms in Massachusetts and worked as the publications attorney at the Massachusetts Bar Association before joining LOMAP. A profile of Attorney Correia can be found […]