19March, 2015

Review: JustiServ: A Legal Matching Service

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Northeastern University Law Professor Deborah Ramirez to discuss her newest venture, JustiServ. I say “newest” because Professor Ramirez previously founded JusticeBridge, a law practice incubator with offices in Boston and New Bedford providing resources and education to new law school graduates to serve low-income clients.

As Professor Ramirez explained, she’s […]

2March, 2015

Catch-Up Withholding: The Difficulty in Acquiring Client Consent Following Representation

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Previously, at the LOMAP Blog, we considered the potential effectiveness of moving to a paperless law practice, buttressed by an analysis of issues related to client inclusion in the process — specifically, we addressed the importance of acquiring client consent prior to the destruction of case files. But, what if you don’t […]

15February, 2015

New Massachusetts Ethics Rules? When and What You Need to Know

In case you’re still digging yourself out of the snow, I thought I’d save you some time with an update on forthcoming changes to the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct. If you haven’t been following along, take a look at Jared’s post providing a history of the Rule changes and highlights of the proposals. Here is where […]

9February, 2015

Eve of Destruction: Preparing for the Disposition of Client Files

Late-comers to the paperless revolution almost always desire to get a fresh start. The proposed plan is most often to start moving to a paperless system by a heavily settled date, at which point the existing motherlode of paper files will be forthwith destroyed. . . . Only, it isn’t quite that simple: you’ve got […]

7February, 2015

Courtroom Presence: If You Build It . . .

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I visit a lot of law firms; and, I’ve seen a lot of stuff . . . most which I can’t tell you about, because — well, you know. So, it’s not every day that I see something I have never seen before.

Maybe it’s just me; maybe this is a trend I’ve […]

25January, 2015

Secure Your Data: Part 2, Top Digital Data Security Tips

In my first post of this series on securing your data, I addressed the Massachusetts Data Privacy Laws, which provide standards for businesses that keep certain types of personal information. Part of the my discussion followed the insights of a panel of experts at a data security program held at the Social […]

17January, 2015

Advanced Placement: How To Locate Your Law Practice

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Even in an increasingly cloud-based world, physical location still matters. The cloud itself, after all, is really just access to remote servers, hosted by someone, somewhere . . . hopefully not in North Korea. Most virtual practices, even, have a mostly local, decidedly not virtual client base, probably because most of us […]

3January, 2015

The Posts of Christmas Past: Our Best of 2014


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It’s that time of year again . . . when we select our very best blog posts from the preceding year. Amazingly enough, this will be our 6th annual version of this post. That’s a lot of blog posts to have chosen from; but, we try to exercise our very best judgment, […]

27December, 2014

Law Practice Management Lessons Learned from Serial’s M. Cristina Gutierrez

Even if you haven’t listened, you’ve likely heard of the podcast “Serial”, dubbed the most popular podcast in the world based on the number of iTunes downloads and having since served as the basis for a Saturday Night Live skit. From the creators of “This American Life”, the podcast “Serial” spans twelve episodes following the same […]

6December, 2014

Nostradami: Law Practice Management Predictions for 2015

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That’s messed up, right? It’s almost 2015. I know, I’m shocked, too. Here’s my face.

With 2015 (wait, what?!) rolling up around the corner, it’s time for the predictions blog posts to be, um . . . posted.

Let us enter upon the fray, courtesy of MyCase, which has recently listed no […]