27November, 2014

Gee, Mail, Thanks!: Three Google Email Attachments

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Given the vast array of law practice technology options, as well as the further multitudes of office technology used in law firms, it’s no wonder that no two law offices share the same, exact technology rig — though, many share constituent parts.

There have been several noticeable shifts in practice management technology preferences since […]

27October, 2014

Block Letters: Time Management for Lawyers, Part 2: Email Management

In Part 1 of our series on time management, we outlined some basic solutions for improving efficiency.  In this second part of our series, we will focus on email management.

Email is the root of most of our time management issues.  The staggering volume of email we send and receive is debilitating.  Many of us make […]

11October, 2014

Block Letters: Time Management for Lawyers, Part 1: Basic Solutions

Life is a continuing struggle for additional time. Not that we can ‘add time’ to our terranean existence. The best we can do is to use the time we are allotted more wisely; and, in the business context, that means being as efficient as possible — so that you can complete your work, and get […]

22August, 2014

Automate Your Email with Simple Scheduling Tools

“Inbox Zero” means keeping your inbox empty or nearly empty at all times, thus reducing distraction and increasing efficiency.  Inbox Zero, per its founder Merlin Mann, and its related email and task management methodology (i.e. “Getting Things Done” by David Allen), each prescribe the following:  if you can respond to an email in less than […]

25July, 2014

Outlook Tip: Finding Unread Mail

Regardless of the different techniques and services you might use to manage your Outlook Inbox, there will come a day when you amass too many messages in your Inbox and thereby lose track of your unread messages.  When that happens, you need a way to quickly access your unread messages to then sort and respond […]

19July, 2014

Surface Tension: Microsoft’s Tablet is No Match for the iPad

I consider myself an agnostic, as battles get fought between the ultimate utility of Apple versus Microsoft products. I use Windows products at work, and have a PC laptop at home; but, I also have an iPad (and have had an Android smartphone and a Blackberry). I tried a Macintosh once, in college, over ten […]

8March, 2014

My Generation: Document Automation Tools for Lawyers

You’ll have read some variation of the Myth of Sisyphus elsewhere, no doubt; and, mostly, the story gets you weepy over ol’ Sisyphus because, each time he seems to have completed his task . . . well, the boulder rolls right back into place — and, he must start again, from scratch. Lawyers should be […]

6September, 2013

Windows Ex-P: Popular Operating System May Become Hackers’ Paradise

Recently, guest poster Jeffery Clark covered the impending demise of Microsoft’s extended support for Windows XP, which will sunset on April 8, 2014. In his thoughtful and detailed post, Jeffrey relayed a number of options for moving on from XP.

Not that folks are actually getting a move on . . . It’s estimated […]

2July, 2013

Noises Off: Reducing Auditory Distractions in Your Workflow

In today’s world, there are a number of distractions, seemingly created solely to divest our attention from normal life activities, like not walking into traffic. From Blackberry messaging to Google Glass, there’s always something in the way.

Although we don’t often consider it, or realize it, there are a number of sound-based distractions that creep […]

20May, 2013

Guest Post: Practice Interruptions Brought on by National Disasters: Unexpected Consequences and Getting Through

The Boston Marathon Bombings shook Boston last month. No one affected by the tragedy has since experienced anything like normalcy, in the sense of things being ‘the way they used to be’ — and probably never will again. Given the proximity of the blasts to businesses along the Marathon route, many local businesses, […]