6September, 2013

Windows Ex-P: Popular Operating System May Become Hackers’ Paradise

Recently, guest poster Jeffery Clark covered the impending demise of Microsoft’s extended support for Windows XP, which will sunset on April 8, 2014. In his thoughtful and detailed post, Jeffrey relayed a number of options for moving on from XP.

Not that folks are actually getting a move on . . . It’s estimated […]

2July, 2013

Noises Off: Reducing Auditory Distractions in Your Workflow

In today’s world, there are a number of distractions, seemingly created solely to divest our attention from normal life activities, like not walking into traffic. From Blackberry messaging to Google Glass, there’s always something in the way.

Although we don’t often consider it, or realize it, there are a number of sound-based distractions that creep […]

20May, 2013

Guest Post: Practice Interruptions Brought on by National Disasters: Unexpected Consequences and Getting Through

The Boston Marathon Bombings shook Boston last month. No one affected by the tragedy has since experienced anything like normalcy, in the sense of things being ‘the way they used to be’ — and probably never will again. Given the proximity of the blasts to businesses along the Marathon route, many local businesses, […]

12April, 2013

Two-Bit Encryption: A Pair of Options for Securing Cloud Documents and Email

As has been seen previously, we’re active at posting for other blogs, in addition to our own.  And, in that historical vein, Rodney and Heidi have been making regular submissions to Law Technology Today, the blog of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section and Legal Technology Resource Center.
Rodney’s first two posts for the […]

12March, 2013

Tech-ish Delight: Is This the Year You Hit ABA TECHSHOW?

It’s a straight-up fact that you should never accept Turkish delight from a stranger offering it for free.  Horrible, horrible things are bound to happen.  (I feel like a British person would say ‘horrible’, rather than ‘terrible’.  I’ve been conscripted into watching ‘Downton Abbey’ lately; and, I hate it.  Back home, we called it DonwtoWn […]

15June, 2012

Law Practice Management Software: A Scheduled Tickler

I’ve chosen to broadcast my one really good idea for the month of May through Attorney at Work. Yup, there’s only one . . . and they have it.This month, I make a, somewhat contained (not constrained), follow-up to a post that I wrote earlier covering options related to law practice management software.  You’ll find […]

16March, 2012

Signature Authority: Using Footer Tools to Create Template Emails

This week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management Section Featured Practice Tip comes from LOMAP. This week’s Tip follows up a recent guest post by Gerrit Betz on creating a document template library, in coverage of a method for the creation of an email template library.Read the Tip here.

3February, 2012

Tone Rangers: Be Certain that Your Emails Do Not Offend, Inveigle or Obfuscate

This week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management Section Featured Practice Tip comes from LOMAP. This week’s Tip offers some suggestions for making sure you don’t email angry, including a free program that monitors your tone.Read the Tip here.

4January, 2012

Power Tagging: Tales from the World Wild Web

Twitter represents a potentially explosive marketing opportunity for lawyers and law firms; but, even in small bursts of 140 characters each, you must be careful to appropriately tag your tweets, in order to get the maximum effect for what you publish.. . .The Scenario: Back in 2009, when Coca-Cola decided to change the formula for […]

29December, 2011

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, Season 2: The Best of the Guests (2011)

Before Christmas, I took what I thought was the easy way out of 2011, by offering a month-by-month recap of some of the LOMAP Blog’s best posts of this year. This allowed me to complete my Christmas shopping, just under the wire. And, while there is no New Year’s shopping requirement ( […]