We love lawyers like it’s our job. (It pretty much is.) So we know how to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day.

Step 1: Make more time for yourself. (Yes. This is actually humanly possible. Read on.)

Heidi recently compiled her best productivity tips into one post. These are easy to implement and seriously effective. Figure out which winning strategies to increase productivity you want to start with now!

Did you find the one productivity tip that didn’t sound so easy to implement? To really drive productivity and charge GTD + MIT, you need to leverage technology. If you haven’t already, Heidi wrote another post that will help you get ready to move your law practice to the cloud. And make sure you use the best practice management software for your needs. There are so many options. Heidi and other practice management experts offered tips to help you decide recently on Attorney at Work.

Tech is your tool, so control it. Otherwise, it will control you. (Too many humans-using-smartphones-looking-like-zombies memes to choose from.) Fortunately, as always, Heidi has your back. Find out how to limit tech overload now.

Step 2: Use the time you created to practice self-care. (This is actually a human necessity. Read on.)

You can only sustain your humanness without regular self-care for so long before you’re off track. It’s easier to stay on track than to get back on. Start by understanding yourself and your decisions a bit more deeply with a post from our LCL colleague, Shawn, about what motivates us.

Part of human motivation is the desire to avoid pain. When avoiding pain isn’t possible, you’ll need a healthy way to handle it. Fortunately, Shawn has your back with advice about how to deal with any problem.

A common problem among lawyers occurs when zealous advocacy state of mind blurs into people-pleasing. Shawn wrote another post to help you figure out if you’re pleasing others at the expense of your own mental health and how to stop.

I know. I’ve linked to a lot of further reading. If you prefer watching, check out this playlist of well-researched TED Talks on “A better you”.

Now all lawyers encounter a disproportionately high amount of stress, and we here in Suite 810 have been trying to offer unique group support for those with unique causes of stress. These groups are all free and confidential.

One of the most stressful life events? Divorce. And it’s particularly hard for lawyers. Weathering Divorce meets twice monthly with Shawn. Join here any time.

Lawyer. Mom. Two of the most demanding roles out there. SuperMom meets twice monthly with Heidi and Barb. Join here any time.

Another challenging dual role: Practicing law while managing a law practice. Solo|Stress Connection meets online once each month Jeff. (Ever wonder who wrote Rod Stewart’s Some Guys Have All the Luck? It was Jeff. Our very own Jeff.) Join here any time.