Donna Knox, Esq. will share the foundation you need to start optimizing your writing into better marketing efforts with our next installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers — in 30 minutes or less.

On July 17th at 12pm (eastern), Donna Knox, Esq. will present

Creating Effective Copy + Content to Promote Your Law Practice, Your Brand, and Yourself

Do you want your website, blog posts, emails, and articles to attract the right audience?

Do you want to become the likable authority who people seek out when they need the services you offer?

This webinar is designed to show you how to use copy and content to promote yourself, your law practice, and your brand. You’ll learn the difference between copy and content, and the basic techniques of structure for each. We’ll talk about the power of a persuasive message and you’ll see the importance of story versus cold facts.

This webinar will show you how to use your marketing platform to distinguish yourself rather than just add to the noise. Our live program will offer time for Q&A and will be recorded for on-demand access.

Our Webinars for Busy Lawyers are always FREE but spots are limited so register now!

About the Expert

Donna Knox, Esq. is a Freelance Copy and Content Writer, specializing in Legal and Pet Services: Web Content; B2B; Direct Response; Press Releases; Blogs; Newsletters; White papers; Landing Pages and more. Donna is an Attorney (20+ years in Virginia Practice) and Legislative Liaison in support of missing American service members. Donna is also a former journalist, mediator, collaborative law professional, and guardian ad litem for children.

Our Webinars for Busy Lawyers are always FREE but spots are limited so register now!