Learn 3 straightforward systems for a more organized law practice from Andrea Cannavina with this installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers.

This webinar will share 3 simple systems to get and keep your office, files, documents, email, to dos and calendar organized and working for you!

Join Andrea to find out how the D-A-F-T system she designed after years of working with law practices can help you stay on top of your email inbox, calendar, and task organization. You can read more on how to use D-A-F-T in this TechnoFeature.

Andrea will also demonstrate how to start working with two other systems you might have heard of – but not had enough time to adapt to your law practice. Andrea will explain how to use the “43 folders” system for incoming paper management, and how to use the “Bullet Journal” system for personal note/task management – both in your law firm workflow.

Headshot of Andrea CannavinaAbout the Expert

Andrea Cannavina is CEO of LegalTypist, Inc. a company offering subscription-based secretarial and administrative services to law firms. She is also an author, speaker, creator of the D-A-F-T™ productivity system and founder of the Virtual Bar Association where she shares her unique perspective of and the materials she created, collated and curated over 18 years of working on and through the web. To set up a call with her, click here.