It’s that time of year again . . . when we select our very best blog posts from the preceding year.  Amazingly enough, this will be our 7th annual version of this post.  That’s a lot of blog posts to have chosen from; but, we try to exercise our very best judgment, each and every year.  Just forty-three years on, and we’ll have tied Rudolph himself for longevity.

As we have always done, we will once again select the best post from each month of the past year, as an homage to the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. You may apply the tune, as you wish it:

January Secure Your Data: Top Digital Data Security Tips

FebruaryNew Massachusetts Ethics Rules: When and What You Need to Know

MarchCatch-Up Withholding: The Difficulty in Acquiring Client Consent Following Representation

AprilThe New Normal: Will the Apple Watch Normalize Google Glass?

MayTime Management for Lawyers: Managing Procrastination

JuneSecure Your Data: Encryption Basics

JulyTime Management for Lawyers: Handling Large Projects

AugustRisky Business: Lawyer Referrals and the Nuclear Option

SeptemberOur New Start-Up Kit

OctoberSales Recycle: How Many Times Must You Convince Your Existing Clients to Stay On?

NovemberBilling Construction: Drafting Bills Clients Waddle to Pay

DecemberWho Goes There? The Assumption of an Inverse Relationship between Service and Security

Continue to follow us this year, when we will continue to provide law practice management tips weekly through our blog.

. . .

Liner Notes

Another holiday tradition is my friend, Jamie’s annual Christmas mix CD, which he releases each year at the holidays, in order to support research into cystic fibrosis.  (Yes, my friends and I are old: we still trade mix CDs.  We were so awesome in the 90s, though.)  His library of obscure Christmas music is staggering; though, I have to admit that he excludes most of my suggestions, for being too country or too depressing . . . but, maybe that’s the same objection.

This year’s CD is Patriots-themed (I honestly don’t know how Bill Belichick finds the time), and features a number of great Christmas songs you’ve probably never heard of.

Order your copy, and support a great cause.